Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions outline the services we provide. Please ensure you take time to read it carefully and if there is anything in this document that you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About us

Freedom Finance is a trading style of Freedom Finance Ltd. We carry out consumer credit brokerage, mortgage intermediation, credit information services, and we offer advice on debt solutions.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and our Firm Registration Number is 662079. You can check this by visiting the FCA Register.

We comply with Data Protection laws in the United Kingdom and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our ICO register number is Z120757X.

We are registered in England and Wales, company number 06297533. Our registered office is Freedom Finance Ltd, Atlantic House, Atlas Business Park, Simonsway, Manchester, M22 5PR.

Services we offer

We offer a range of unsecured personal loans and credit cards from a panel of lenders so you can make an informed choice. A list of the lenders on our panel is available on request. We do not provide advice on any unsecured credit products.

We offer full advice and recommendation on a range of second charge mortgages from a panel of lenders (a list of the lenders we have access to is available on request). This means we will:

  • Complete a fact find and affordability assessment with you in order to understand your needs, preferences and circumstances.
  • Learn about your lifestyle and financial expectations over the life of the mortgage.
  • Explain the implications of the recommended mortgage features, both now, in the future and with interest rate movement.
  • Explain the costs associated with the mortgage and the impact of adding any of these to the mortgage.
  • Discuss the next steps and timescales including any administration / underwriting needed.

We offer advice on a range of debt solutions which you may be eligible for if you are struggling to repay your creditors. This means we will:

  • Gather personal information about you, with your consent, covering your personal circumstances and income and expenditure.
  • Display the advantages and disadvantages of debt solution(s) we think may be suitable for you, based on the information you have given us.

Offer you a referral to a debt solutions provider if we believe this may be in your best interests. The debt solutions provider will also offer you advice on how you can best manage your debt.


For unsecured loans and credit cards, we do not charge you a fee for referral to a lender. Our income is derived from commissions paid by the lenders and other third parties we deal with for any successful introduction we make.

For second charge mortgages we may charge you a fee, actual fees and charges will be explained by the adviser prior to application & submission to a lender. We may also receive commission paid by the Lenders.

There may be additional costs relating to the mortgage we recommend to you and these will be detailed in the Mortgage illustration which we will send to you. A list of commission rates payable by the lenders is available on request.

For debt solutions, we do not charge a fee for any advice we give you. Our income is derived from a commission we may receive from a debt solutions provider we refer you to.

Credit check and disclosure

In order to process your loan or mortgage application, we may search the files of licensed credit reference agencies, who will keep a record of the search, to confirm your particulars and for the purpose of a credit assessment. A record can be kept of such searches which may be used by other lenders in assessing future applications for finance by you and for fraud prevention. These organisations may use this information in the future to help make credit decisions, prevent financial crime and to trace debtors.

Information held about applicants by credit reference agencies may already be linked to records related to one or more of your partners or members of your household. For the purpose of this application you may be treated as financially linked and the application may be assessed with reference to any ‘associated’ records.

We may also, as part of the application request a Lender’s Decision in Principle. This would involve the Lender conducting either a soft or hard credit search on all applicants, which may leave a mark on your credit files and can have a negative impact on your overall credit scores.

It is important that the information you provide is both accurate and honest, and a true reflection of your circumstances. It is your responsibility to provide information in this way to a provider or organisation that provides products and services recommended for you. Failure to disclose relevant information, or change of circumstances, to a provider or Lender may result in your product being invalidated.

If false or inaccurate information is provided, or if a reasonable suspicion of fraud or any other criminal offence is identified, details will be shared with fraud prevention agencies, law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies who may access and use this information. We and other organisations may access and use the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering, for example, when:

  • Checking details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities
  • Managing credit and credit related accounts or facilities
  • Recovering debt
  • Checking details of job applicants and employees

Details of the fraud prevention agencies we work with are available on request.

All transactions relating to our services provided are covered by, and adhere to, the Money Laundering regulations and the Proceeds of Crime Act. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to, verifying the identity and address of our customers. Identity verification checks may include electronic searches through the Electronic Identification Verification Service, electoral roll and use of credit reference agencies.

We may also require proof of your income and expenditure to satisfy these requirements.

Credit reference agency

Under data protection laws we are permitted to share some information where the reason for doing so is legitimate and isn’t outweighed by the effects it will have on the relevant individuals. On that basis we may pass your data to TransUnion (TransUnion Bureau Privacy Notice) who may combine it with data from other sources, analyse and profile it (such as by predicting information about you), and pass their knowledge on to other companies to help trace you to provide important information or return assets to you. Your data may also be used in a similar manner to aid debt recovery and to prevent fraud by helping to identify you (for instance when you are applying for new products).

TransUnion may also provide your data to other organisations to support the assessment of credit risk, pricing and affordable payments. If you do not wish for your data to be used this way by TransUnion then please contact us at compliancehelpdesk@freedom-finance.com.


Freedom Finance Ltd takes every care to ensure the accuracy of the loan quotes which are based on the latest information available from the lenders at that time. However, the lenders on the panel reserve the right to change % APR or % APRC rates and underwriting criteria at any time and without notice. This may result in a change to the loan/secured loan offered to you or may result in the loan/secured loans offer being withdrawn.

The accuracy of the loan/secured loan quotes depends upon the accuracy of the information you have provided. Freedom Finance Ltd and the lenders on the panel will conduct checks to verify the accuracy of the information you have provided. If information you have provided changes as a result of these checks, the original offer may be changed or withdraw.

The expected time periods from submitting your application to receiving your loan/secured loan funds are only a guide. Any delay in the returning of your loan documents, proof of income or identification and/or delays with any third party we or the lender need to contact in order to process your application, may result in your application taking longer to complete.

If you’re thinking of consolidating existing borrowing you should be aware that although you may reduce your monthly outgoings you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the total amount you repay.

It’s important that you can afford the repayments now and continue to do so throughout the term of the loan as failure to keep up with your repayments could lead to defaults, CCJ’s, ultimately bankruptcy and affect your ability to obtain future credit.

If you use our service to receive advice on debt solutions available to you, we will present potential solutions based on our understanding of the debt products available at that time. The validity of the solutions we present to you will depend on the accuracy of the information we hold about you and therefore you should make sure any information you give us is accurate and complete.  


We offer advice on the full range of debt solutions which you may be eligible for if you are struggling to repay your creditors. This is via an online solution we have developed which uses information about your income and expenditure and current indebtedness in order to offer you recommendations on a possible course of action.  

We will:

  • Gather personal information about you, with your consent, covering your personal circumstances and income and expenditure. We use an Open Banking solution for this, or you can input your details manually. Please make sure the details we have about you are complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge as this may impact the recommendation we are able to offer you.
  • Display the advantages and disadvantages of debt solution(s) we think may be suitable for you, based on the information you have given us.
  • Offer you a referral to a debt solutions provider if we believe this may be in your best interests.
  • The debt advisor you deal with will make clear which of your debts are or are not included in the debt repayment solution. If you leave any debts out of the solution, then these will not be repaid by the plan you enter into which means you will still owe those debts.
  • Not charge you a fee for our service. However, you will be charged a fee if you enter into a debt solutions product through one of our partners.

We don’t recommend a particular debt solution and we don’t settle any debts for you, but we do introduce you to debt solutions providers who can help with this. The debt solutions provider will then offer you advice on how you can best manage your debt.

If we have referred you to a commercial debt management provider, then they will make a charge for their services and pay Freedom Finance a commission if you take out a debt-solutions product. You should be aware that there are organisations which provide debt advice free of charge and you can find out more from Money Advice Service, Step Change, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.


There are important thigs to remember when exploring your options for debt repayment:

  • If you use one of the options we recommend for managing your debts, then your credit rating may be affected for up to six years.    
  • Keep making payments until you have agreed otherwise with your creditors. This means you should carry on paying things like your credit, taxes, child support arrangements etc. If you don’t do this, your credit rating could be impacted and enforcement action could be progressed against you.
  • Never ignore letters or phone calls from people you owe money to. Doing so could make your situation worse.
  • Entering into a debt solutions arrangement may not guarantee that any current recovery or legal action against you will stop.
  • If you don’t keep up with any repayment arrangement you enter into, there could be negative consequences which may even include bankruptcy.


Your opinion is very important to us. Listening to your views helps us develop our company ethos of having customers at the heart of what we do. Please e-mail support@freedomfinance.co.uk with any feedback you may have.

We all make mistakes and if we do get something wrong we want to know about it so we can put it right. We treat all complaints very seriously and promise to deal with them fairly and promptly, and in many cases we will resolve them straight away.

If you have a complaint please contact us by writing to the Complaints Department at the above address, via e-mail to complaints@freedom-finance.com or telephone us on 0161 498 7739.

Freedom Finance Ltd will try to resolve any complaint with you. However if you are unhappy with our final response or we are unable to issue our final response within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You can get more information by visiting the Financial Ombudsman Service website.

We are covered by the FSCS. You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if we cannot meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. You can get more information on the FSCS website.


Freedom Finance Ltd is committed to keeping your information private. By your ‘information’ we mean any information about you or anyone associated with you that you or a third party provides to us, as a result of the application process. If your complaint is related to how your personal data has been processed and you are not satisfied with the response from us, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who is the regulator for data protection in the United Kingdom.

We have a separate ‘Client Privacy Notice’, setting out how we collect and process your information. This should be read in conjunction with our ‘Terms & Conditions’.


We may share your data with lenders or service providers who you ask us to provide an eligibility quotation. Occasionally we may share your data with other third parties, such as a lender you select, a debt management company or Insolvency Practitioner if you select that service, other service providers, Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies.

We may need to disclose your data to others to ensure the smooth provision to you of our Services and any information you request. Your data may be disclosed to the other entities as described below.

Service Providers: We may share your information with the following providers:


Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to all the terms of use detailed below. The information that is made available on this website is intended for general information purposes only and is provided on an ‘as is’ basis without any warranties of any kind. Freedom Finance Ltd does not accept any liability for any loss arising as a result of reliance on the information contained on this website.

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All the credit and mortgage products we intermediate are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales, in relation to any dispute. For your protection you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Any debt solution product we intermediate may be governed by the laws of England and Wales, or the laws of Scotland, dependent on where you live. This will be clarified by the debt solutions provider prior to you taking out a solution with them.

Have Christmas on Us Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

1. By entering the prize draw you are agreeing to these prize draw terms and conditions.

2. The prize draw is being run by Freedom Finance Ltd.

Eligibility to enter

3. The prize draw is open to entrants over 18 years of age who check their eligibility with Freedom Finance between 14.15 on 2nd November 2021 and 23.59 on 12th December 2021 (Freedom Finance staff members are excluded from the draw).

4. In entering the prize draw, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any prize you may win.

5. A maximum of one entry per individual is permitted.

6. The prize draw is free to enter.

How to enter

7. The prize draw will include those who check their eligibility with Freedom Finance between 14.15 on 2nd November 2021 and 23.59 on 12th December 2021. Entries after that time and date will not be included in the draw.

8. To enter the prize draw simply check your eligibility using one of the below forms:

Loan eligibility check

Card eligibility check

9. Freedom Finance will not accept responsibility if contact details provided are incomplete or inaccurate.

The prize

10. The winner will receive £500 cash.

11. Freedom Finance’s use of particular brands as prizes does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement of such brands.

12. The winner will be drawn at random.

13. The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no alternatives will be offered.

14. We reserve the right to substitute prizes with another prize of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond our control make it necessary to do so.

15. The decision of Freedom Finance regarding any aspect of the prize draw is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.

Winner announcement

16. The winner’s name will be announced on the Freedom Finance Instagram page and the winner will be notified after three weeks after the close date via the email provided during the eligibility check. The winner may also be featured in an email announcement.

17. Freedom Finance will attempt to contact the winner by email up to two times.

18. If the winner does not respond to the emails notifying them of their win within 14 days of the second email, they will lose their right to the prize, and Freedom Finance reserves the right to choose and notify a new winner.


We may edit this policy from time to time.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, or any other aspect of our website please write to us at; Freedom Finance Ltd, Atlantic House, Atlas Business Park, Simonsway, Manchester, M22 5PR or telephone us on 0161 498 7739 (calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes) or email us at support@freedomfinance.co.uk.