myfreedom is more than just a score. The marketplace is where you’ll find all the tools you need to strengthen your finances. You can quickly check what credit cards, loans and mortgages are available to you, find ways to save on your household bills and make sure you’re not missing out on extra income from the government. There are also credit coaching modules to help you get ahead and beat the system. 

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Find out how lenders really see you

Set up your Fusion Score in minutes

Your Fusion Score combines your credit and bank data to:

  • Show you your eligibility for credit in one simple scores
  • Tell you how you can improve your eligibility
  • Give you a more complete picture of your finances
  • Create an easy way to track your progress

No catch, no cost, no impact on your credit score.

Find the best credit card for you

Quickly compare your credit card options
to find the one that’s right for you.

  • Protected – won’t harm your credit score
  • Fast – response in 60 seconds
  • Clear – see pre-approved options
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Quickly check your loan options

Search over 40 UK lenders with just one quick search.

Personal loans

Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000 over 1 to 7 years

  • Searching won’t harm your credit score
  • Know if you’re pre-approved before you apply
  • See real rate options in your search results
Homeowner loans

Borrow from £5,000 to £500,000+ over 1 to 30 years.

  • Searching won’t harm your credit score
  • Borrow larger amounts over longer loan terms
  • Get advice from our specialist advisers

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it. 

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Get expert mortgage advice

The team at Freedom Mortgages will search over 90 lenders to find your best deal, guiding you through every stage of the mortgage process.

  • Exclusive deals you can’t access direct from a lender
  • Access to over 90 UK lenders and 12,000 products
  • Expert advice from our qualified advisers
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Cut your costs

Spending way more than you need to on your household bills? Our tools help you to quickly check if you’re on the cheapest deal possible and make sure you’re not missing out on extra income from the government.

  • Uswitch
    Uswitch is a simple way to check if you’re on the cheapest tariff possible for your household bills. 
  • Broadband and TV
    Check if you can switch to a cheaper deal for your broadband and TV.
  • Electricity
    Switiching from a standard variable triff can save you up to £300 a year.
  • Mobile Contract
    Find our if you could save money on your mobile contract.

entitledto helps you quickly and easily check if you’re missing out on money that you should be receiving from government. This can strengthen your income, enhance your eligibility for loans, credit cards and mortgages, and give you a little extra cash to play with at the end of each month.  

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Take control of your finances

Our credit coaching modules are designed to help you better understand the world of credit. From improving your score to clearing your debts, these interactive sessions can help you make smarter decisions and get ahead. 

  • Improve your score
    Learn our quick tips and tricks for giving yourcredit and Fusion Score a boost.
  • Clear your debts
    This module runs you through popular strategiesyou can use to start clearing your debts.
  • Find the right card
    Not sure which type of credit card is right for you? Get to grips with all the different card types in ourquick coaching session.

Debtsense work with the UK’s leading debt charities and partners to help you tackle any debts you are struggling to afford. Take their short, no-obligation, confidential quiz to find out your options.  

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Your credit score is only half the picture

Your Fusion Score gives you the credit you deserve
for the financial transactions that lenders can’t see.

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What is the myfreedom marketplace?

The myfreedom marketplace is where you’ll find all the tools you need to get your finances on track, as well as a few businesses who help to make the world of finance Baffle-free. In the marketplace, you can quickly see if you can save money on your household bills, take our quick credit coaching modules and find out if you’re missing out on money from the government.

What is my Fusion Score?

Your Fusion Score is a combination of your credit score and information from your bank account shown as one simple score ranging from 1.0 to 9.9. By combining these two important eligibility factors into one score, you get a clearer picture of how lenders see you when you apply for finance, as well as personalised details on what’s improving your score or holding you back.

Is my Fusion Score the same as my credit score?

No, they’re not the same. Your traditional credit score that’s provided by credit referencing agencies is used to help create your Fusion Score, but we combine it with transaction data extracted from your bank via Open Banking. This gives a more holistic view that we then turn into an easy-to-understand score out of 9.9.

How do I create my Fusion Score?

If you didn’t set up your Fusion Score when you signed up to myfreedom, you can set up your Fusion Score in the Fusion Score tab on your myfreedom dashboard.

To create your Fusion Score, we’ll need you to connect to your main bank account (the one your income is paid into) via Open Banking. This is safe and secure, and we won’t be able to affect your money in any way. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, then once you’ve connected, it’ll take a minute or two to fuse your bank account data to your credit history and generate your Fusion Score.

How do you access the information needed from my bank account?

To view and extract a copy of data we need to create your Fusion Score, we use Open Banking. This is an FCA regulated, safe and secure way for you to consent to sharing information from your bank account.

Who do you share my data with?

We share your data with Consents Online Limited who is an FCA regulated company, of which we are an FCA authorised agent. For more information about how we use your data, visit our privacy policy.

What is Open Banking and is it safe?

Open Banking is a safe and secure way for us to take a snapshot of the data we need to create your Fusion Score.

Originally set up by Competition and Markets Authority on behalf of the UK government, Open Banking is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Many of the UK’s biggest banks are enrolled on the Open Banking Directory.

Open Banking allows you to share powerful data from your bank account that we can use to create your Fusion Score. When you connect to your bank account via myfreedom, it’ll only give us one-time, read-only access, and we won’t be able to move or affect your money in any way.

To find out more about Open Banking, visit the Open Banking website.

What if I can’t find my bank when setting up my Fusion Score?

If the bank you use for your current account isn’t listed as an option, this means that your bank hasn’t enabled Open Banking yet and we won’t be able to set up your Fusion Score at this time. If you have a secondary bank account from a bank that is listed, you can use this account instead.

Is my Fusion Score free?

Yes, your Fusion Score is completely free. You won’t be charged to set up or refresh your Fusion Score at any point.

Will creating my Fusion Score damage my credit score?

No, creating your Fusion Score won’t impact your credit score in any way.

I’ve got a good credit score – can I still benefit?

Yes, you could still benefit from checking your eligibility with your Fusion Score. We have some lenders that need to run an affordability check using Open Banking, so this could increase your chance of acceptance.